Introduction to Inter-Entity Errors

After configuring Inter-Entity (Transactions or Trade) the associated processes are automated, but errors can occur for a number of reasons.

Some errors can prevent batches from posting, while others only occur after the source transactions have been posted.

In some cases, when Inter-Entity Transactions does not create transactions, please check the G/L Posting Errors report for details on the issues.

Where they occur after posting, details will appear in the appropriate IET Audit Log.

Orchid recommends that you review the Audit Inquiry Logs regularly to identify transactions that failed to post successfully. You should aim to correct them quickly, e.g. before someone manually creates missing transactions, thereby breaking the chain you have set up in Inter-Entity.


With Inter-Entity Trade OE/PO, you can nominate whether to:

  • Display messages after all transactions, or;
  • Only display messages when there are errors, or;
  • Not display messages at all - This is generally used when third party applications create transactions.

Interpreting & Resolving Audit Log error messages

Use the links below to find the relevant Troubleshooting article:

Re-processing Error Transactions

After resolving the root cause of errors appearing in the Audit Log, the transactions in question should be re-processed using the appropriate IET Periodic Processing function.

IET Periodic Processing - Periodic Processing Tab

IET Periodic Processing - Cash Management Tab

AP/AR Trade Periodic Processing

OE/PO Periodic Processing

Training Videos (Audit Logs & Periodic Processing)

For further information, and to see some troubleshooting demonstrations, we recommend the following videos:

Inter-Entity Logs video