Setup Information Manager - Report Runner: Key Steps

The setup steps are described in the Visual Process Flow (VPF) below followed by detailed steps. To assign VPF, see Assigning Visual Process Flows

Step 1: Setup Security in Sage 300 Administrative Services / Information Manager. Adding Information Manager Security

Step 2: Setup a destination to store report: For details, Configure Report Runner Tab in I/M Setup / Options

Step 3: Fill in your E-mail server details if you are going to be sending reports via E-mail from Report Runner. To configure email, see Email Tab (I/M Setup / Options)

Step 4: If Emailing reports, setup I/M Setup / Email Messages . Message templates can be attached when scheduling Reports.

Step 5: Add/Edit Crystal reports in Report Runner in (IM Analytical Reports / Report Runner) - Configure a Crystal Report in I/M Analytical Reports/Report Runner Form

Step 6: Setup Financial Report Runner, see steps in Financial Report Runner Report

To Run Reports setup in Report Runner

Run Reports Automatically with Orchid Process Scheduler

You can use Orchid Process Scheduler to automate when reports are run and setup email schedules. Process Scheduler Level 1 is required to schedule Crystal Reports and Level 3 to schedule Financial Reports.

Refer to Orchid Process Scheduler module documentation for details.