Configure Report Runner Tab in I/M Setup / Options

Select a destination to store the reports. It needs to be the same as the Sage 300 Customization Directory

Initial Setup

Create a "CUSTOM" Directory for Report Runner to locate customized reports, e.g "C:\Program Files\Sage\CUSTOM"   

Note: When you add Crystal Reports or Financial Reports to Report Runner, the reports will be copied automatically to a folder named "EBxxA\ENG" (e.g. EB71A for version 2024)

Tip: If you need to amend the reports, you need to update the report in the Customization Directory. Refresh the report to ensure all the parameters are updated in Report Runner.


Important! This also needs to be setup in Administrative Services in Customization Directories - if this is not setup, or are not the same, Report Runner will not work. 

Create Customization Directory in Sage 300

Go To: Administrative Services > Customization Directories

Add User: use * for ALL Users

Company ID: The Company Code from the list provided

Customization Directory: e.g "C:\Program Files\Sage\CUSTOM"

Note: You must re-start Sage 300 for Customization Directory changes to take effect


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