Setting Up Extender Workflow

Workflows can be configured to approve new records, approve field changes in Sage 300 or start automatically a series of actions to alert users when something happens in Sage 300.

Before you start

Step 1: Draw a diagram of the workflow you require.

Step 2: Assign the Visual Process Flow to follow the key steps.

Refer to Assigning Visual Process Flows

Extender workflow process

setup workflow in extender

Step 1. Use the icons in the Extender Setup folder to configure workflow:

Step 2. Setup Extender Adding Security in Sage 300 Administrative Services.

Step 3. Configure Workflow Users.

Refer to Extender License and Workflow Users

Step 4. If you want the workflow to send emails,

  • Configure Extender emails . Refer to Options

  • Configure Message Templates.

Step 5. Create Workflow User Groups

Step 6. Configure Workflow colors

Step 7. Add Workflow Templates

Workflow Templates - Screen Guide

Apply Workflow to the required Sage 300 Views.

In most cases, the workflow is configured to start automatically when a record is updated in Sage 300.

Refer to View Events, Scripts & WF

A workflow can be started automatically

  • when a view field is updated – you attach the workflow template to a View field.
  • the insert/update/upsert/delete operation on a Sage 300 view - the workflow template is attached to a view operation.
  • by a Python script run on the Sage 300 desktop or attached to a Sage view.
  • by a Python script run using Process Scheduler.

A workflow can be started manually

You can start a workflow manually from an icon on a Sage 300 screen.

The logged-on user has to be configured as a Workflow User. For details refer to Understanding Workflow Users ,

You configure which screens can start workflow in Information Manager Setup > I/M Options.

Refer to Extender Workflow- Notes/DML/Extender Tray.

Optionally, add icons to Sage 300 screens

You can configure Information Manager to add icons to Sage 300 screens to progress workflow and view workflow history.

Configure Information Manager to enable Workflow icons on Sage 300 screens

  • Install and Activate Information Manager
  • In I/M Options, Notes/DML/Extender Tray, add configuration rows to add workflow icons toSage 300 screens
  • Refresh the Tray