Understanding Workflow Users

Setup Workflow Users

Log in to Sage 300 as ADMIN and use the Extender Setup > Licences screen to view/add/delete users.

For details on using the screen, refer to Extender License and Workflow Users

When do you need workflow users

A Workflow User license is required for each user who needs to access Extender Workflow functionality:

  • Extender Workflow Console: The console lets users monitor workflow instances, drill down for detail, and progress workflows that have been assigned to them.
  • Start or progress Extender Workflow using the Icons on Sage 300 screens.
  • View workflow history using configured icons on Sage 300 screens.
  • Access Extender Audit Logs via icons configured on Sage 300 screens to view the detailed history of logged records.

Requirement! To use the Extender icons on the screens, you need to install and activate Information Manager. If you are not using other functionality in Information Manager, you don't need activation details.


Workflow Users also have access to Email SmartLink: E.g. so a participant in a workflow can be easily emailed a link to a relevant Sage 300 record.

Workflow template and Workflow Users

When you assign a workflow to a user who is not configured as a Workflow User, the AssignUser workflow action returns an error. The next action is configured in the False Action # field in the Workflow Template.

Make sure the Workflow Template notifies an Admin user and proceeds with the rest of the workflow actions.

Tip: You can add a Workflow Action to assign the workflow to ADMIN if the first AssignUser action returns False

How do Workflow Users work?

WORKFLOW USERS are NAMED user licenses: 

  • Each Workflow User license is allocated to a specific, named user.
  • Named users, up to the number of current Workflow User licences, are assigned in Extender Setup.
  • If you are using multiple Sage 300 databases, Named users are shared across all databases where Extender is activated.

Note: A Workflow User license is not required to trigger an automatic Workflow (e.g. by updating a record in Sage 300)