Use this form to setup Extender Options to log user sign in and configure SMTP server details to email from Extender

Options Tab


When upgrading from Python 3.4 to Python 3.8.8

Extender doesn't install the following libraries with Python 3.8.8: requests, requests_oauthlib and urllib3.

If you are using those libraries, you need to install them manually.

Email Tab: enter Email server details

For details, refer to Extender Email Tab

Email Server / Username and password:

smtp.domain.com:587 Enter the details of the SMTP Server you want to email from. The default port is generally port 587 with TLS.  

Tip: You can specify a port number after filling in the email server details.  After the email server name, enter “:xx” i.e. colon  xx where xx is the port number required

Example: To add port 587 to the SMTP server, add :587 after the server address - smtp.office365.com:587

and : Enter a correct combination of Email user and password

Note: Orchid uses the .Net SmtpClient class to send emails. The SMTP Client uses the protocol configured on the operating system. It supports Ssl3, Tls1.0, Tls1.1, Tls1.2, and Tls1.3.

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