Configuring Orchid Modules with Office 365 and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


As security is increasingly strict, many users of Orchid modules have disabled basic authentication and enabled Multi-Factor Authentication.

This applies to sending emails using SMTP and to configuring Document Management Link with SharePoint.

Sending Emails

Orchid modules support Microsoft Graph to send emails without using basic authentication and App Passwords if enabled for the users with MFA.

Refer to Office 365 and Microsoft Graph and Using Orchid Modules with Office365 App Passwords

DML and SharePoint

If Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled, there are 2 options to configure Document Management Link and the Tray, depending on whether Basic Authentication is enabled.

  • Option 1: Leave the SharePoint details blank and DML will prompt the users for details or

  • Option 2: Create an App password

Refer to Configuring DML with Office 365 and MFA