Steps for Setting Up EFT Payroll

This topic lists the steps for setting up a new EFT Processing system for EFT Payroll.

Note: If you are already using EFT Processing for A/P and/or A/R, some steps may have been completed previously.

Step 1: Adding Security.

Step 2: Configure EFT Options: EFT Options

Step 3: Configure Bank/banks where the EFT payments will be generated from: EFT Banks Form - Overview

Step 4: Configure Employee Bank details: EFT Employees

Step 5: Optionally, configure Email Messages to send advices to employees: Email Messages Setup

Step 6: Optionally, update the EFT  Payroll Advice form. Designing EFT Processing Forms

Tip: If upgrading from prior version, check the user formats and custom forms, Upgrading EFT Processing Key Steps


EFT Payroll does not support CP/UP "Selection List" employee level security. Create EFT File, Print EFT Remittance Advice and the EFT Payroll Log show all employees net pay details.