I/M Tray Icons Description

Information Manager adds Tray Icons to Sage 300 screens. The icons indicate that Notes, Documents and Extender workflow are configured. Users can use the icons to view and maintain details.

The various icons described below are available depending on your activation codes.

  • Users need to be a DML User to use the Document Management Link icons

  • Users need to be a workflow user to use the Extender Workflow user.

  • Users need to be a DML User or an Extender Workflow user to use the Email Smartlink icons or the Extender Log icons.

  • Notes icons are available to all users if Information Manager Notes is activated. Notes icons follow the Notes security in Sage 300.

When using Information Manager Notes or Document Management Link

: Click to Add notes/files.

: Click to view notes/files.

The same icons apply to Notes and Document Management Link.

When Using Extender Log

 No log History: Log Events are configured for fields on this screen. There are no records in the Log Inquiry.

Click to view Log history: the icon includes lines if there are log records in the Extender Log for fields relating to the screen.

To setup icons to view Extender logs, refer to Extender LOG- Notes/DML/Extender Tray

When Using Extender Workflow

Refer to Workflow Icons Explained

One or no workflow icon can be present per screen. Subject to Sage 300 security rights, you can use the icons to view the workflow history.

Depending on the workflow configuration, you can also use the icons to start or progress the workflow.

Click to start manual workflow or view workflow history. There is no pending workflow.

Click to view active workflow. The pending workflow is not assigned to the logged on user.

Click to progress your active workflow. The workflow is assigned to the logged in user and waiting for an action.

Click to progress group active workflow. The workflow is assigned to a workflow user group that the logged in user is part of. The workflow is waiting for an action from one of the group member.

Note: If the workflow icons are not configured in Information Manager Options, users can run the workflow Log reports to view workflow history. Workflow users can use the workflow console to view and progress their active workflows.


Email SmartLink Icons

: Click to send a SmartLink to the Sage 300 record. Refer to Using Email SmartLink for details.