Network Folder Configuration - Setup Notes/DML/Extender Tray Tab

Add a row in the grid for all required configuration.

Tip: Use the F9 / Detail screen to setup the configuration as this will show you the required fields for each Note type.

Select Network Folder Note Type

Note Type = Network Folder

For further details on note type, view below

Configure how the documents are linked to Sage 300

Documents are linked to Sage 300 screens based on up to 2 field labels.

Optionally, you can choose to rename files and/or to show documents only on certain screens.

For details on finding the RotoID, refer to How to find the RotoID of a Sage 300 screen

Configure the Alert Box.

The most common setup for Notes and Documents is

Notification Method = None and

Show Alert = Show Alert.

In Alert Heading: Enter a description for the section in the Alert Box


For details on all configuration options, refer to: Notification and Alert Configuration (Notes/DML/Extender Tray Tab)

Refresh the Tray icon if you have made any changes on the IM Setup>Options in the current session as the Tray icon reads the current setup when the company is first opened.

Tip: If you have multiple Tray icons, Close the Sage 300 desktop and re-open to refresh the configuration.