F/S Transactions>Shipment Review

Use this screen to create the Shipment Review for every Order/Shipment/Invoice consignment that you want to send via Freight SmartLink.  A shipment review can be based on one or more

  • OE Order(s),
  • OE Shipment(s) or
  • OE Invoice(s)


Once the shipment review is complete and is ready to be sent to Freight SmartLink, then click the Export button. An XML file will be created for this shipment review and saved in the Export path set up in F/S Setup.

If the system has been set up to Update on Manifest in F/S Setup, then the status will become “Sent to the Carrier”, and the send date and send time will be updated to the current time.

If the system has not been set up to Update on Manifest in F/S Setup, then the program will pause for 10 seconds and attempt to read the resulting consignment file from Freight SmartLink.

If read successfully, the status will become “Complete”, the send date and send time will be updated to the current time, and the relevant Consignment details will be updated on the Connote tab.

Tip: If a file is not found from Freight SmartLink a message will be given and the status will remain at “Sent to the freight carrier”. The consignment file can later be imported using F/S Import Manifest once the problem in Freight SmartLink has been resolved and the labels produced by Freight SmartLink.

Depending on your configuration options for updating the associated OE Order or OE Shipment, the OE Tracking number and freight cost can be updated based on the information being imported from Freight SmartLink.

Ship-To Tab

Once a document has been selected, the following information is defaulted. Some fields can be amended from the default.

Dangerous Goods export

Contains Dangerous Goods: select this option if the consignment contains dangerous goods, and requires special labels.

To include details about the Dangerous Goods classification, you can use Optional fields. For details, see configure Dangerous Goods: using Item Optional Fields

Documents Tab

Sender Tab

The Sender Account will default from the F/S Options>General Tab if “Charge To”  is “Sender”. 

Note: The Sender Account will default from the I/C location settings for the selected carriers if using multiple despatch locations.

If the “Charge To” is set to “Receiver”, the Sender Account will default to the value entered in the “SenderAccount” Optional Field on the OE Document. This value defaults to the value in the "SenderAccount" Optional field on the A/R Customer Master file.

Connote Tab

The consignment note number and freight cost allocated by Freight SmartLink can be imported back onto the shipment review. Depending on the F/S Options>General > Import on Manifest configuration, this happens when the shipment review is exported to the freight carrier or when using the Import Manifest option, .

Details Tab

Use this tab to select the appropriate Freight Packages to be included in this consignment together with the quantity per Freight Package. 

Comments Tab