Orchid Module License Screen

To start using Orchid Module, you need a valid serial number and license file.

If you don't have a valid license for Orchid Module, you only see the License screen.

License screen

You use the Orchid Module license screen to enter serial number and activation code.

When to use: 

  • After a new installation or an upgrade to a newer version of Sage 300.

  • After a subscription renewal, enter the activation code with the new expiry date.

  • View the components of the Orchid module you are licensed for.

How to use: 

  • Enter the license details, click the Add button to create the license file.

  • Restart the Sage desktop to enable the new license.

Note: If you have multiple Sage 300 databases, you only need to enter the activation code details in one company. When the licence details are entered on the first company, Orchid Module creates the OR71A.lic file, which can then be read by all other companies configured on the same server.

30-day Trial License

If you don't have an activation code for Orchid Module, you can create a 30-day trial license.

In the License screen, enter a serial number for the module, Sage 300 version and edition you are running.

Click the Add button. This create a 30-day trial license.

Tip: If you install a 30-day trial, enter a valid activation code before the trial expiry date to continue using the application.

Subscription Licenses Expiry Date

You can check the subscription expiry date and enter a new activation code after a subscription renewal is processed.

Subscription licenses have an expiry date. To continue using Orchid Module, you will need to renew the subscription and enter a new Activation code in the module License screen before the expiry date.

Contact your Sage 300 Business Partner for details.

Note: In the four weeks before the expiry date, users receive a warning message when logging into Sage 300 (weekly for the first three weeks and daily in the last week). If you don't renew before the expiry date, the software will become read-only.

Troubleshooting Activation Code

When saving the license information, the following problems may be encountered:

Activation code Invalid – verify the registered company name (displayed during installation) and serial number entered match the details supplied to Orchid Systems when an activation code was requested.

Invalid serial number – the entered serial number is not valid for this product, Sage 300 version and edition.

Important! If the Sage 300 Version or Edition change, a new Serial Number and activation code must be requested from Orchid Systems.

If the company name registered with Sage changes, a new Activation Code must be requested from Orchid Systems.

Serial Number and Sage 300 Version and Edition

The serial number must match the Sage 300 version and edition.

Go to About > System Information to get the Sage 300 System Manager Version and Edition if you need to confirm the details.

Activation Code and System Manager Company Name

In the Activation Code, the customer name must match exactly with the company name as registered under the Sage 300 System Manager (including all punctuation and capitalization). To verify this information when requesting an Activation code, please email Orchid Systems a screenshot of your System Manager license details.

Go to Help > Licenses > License Information to get the Company that Sage 300 System Manager is licensed to.

Activation code and available functionality

Depending on the components you are licensed to use, some features described here may not be available for you to use. Some functionality of Orchid Module is only active if you have purchased the required module component.

The license screen displays what components of the Orchid Module module are included in the activation code.