F/S Transactions

Use the F/S Transactions > Shipment review to create Shipment review and send details to the Freight Carrier.

Important! If Freight SmartLink is activated in a company and you have set the "Create Shipment Review when invoicing" to "Create" or "Create and export" in F/S Options > Freight Charges, the OE Transactions > F/S Order Entry and F/S Shipment Entry must be used instead of OE Order entry and OE Shipment Entry when invoicing OE Sales Orders and OE Shipments.

The underlying OE screen functionality is the same as the standard Sage 300 Order Entry functionality. The custom Freight SmartLink Screens include additional functionality, depending on the options configured in F/S Setup > Options to automatically create and export the associated Shipment Review and calculate and validate freight calculations before invoicing OE Orders and Shipments.

For details, refer to F/S Setup>F/S Options