Message Templates

Message templates can be used in Extender Events (Send Email and Create Information Manager Note), Scripts and Workflow Templates.

You select an Email Message ID when you configure Extender Events (for details, View Events, Scripts & WF) and on the Workflow Template Action setup (when using a SendEmail action) (for details, Workflow Templates - Screen Guide).

Tip: Message templates can be exported and imported to save time re-keying similar messages

Message Templates Field List

Message Variables

You can add variables to the subject line and body of your email message and/or to the contents of your I/M Note. For more information, see Message Template Variables


You can include standard attachments to message templates used in Extender scripts and workflow actions.

To configure: 

  • Insert a row

  • Browse to select files to attach to the email.

  • Repeat for all files you want to attach to the email.

Tip: Use UNC Path and ensure that all users who email can access the folders.

How it works: 

  • When you load the message template in a script, Extender adds the attachments configured in the template automatically.

  • You can also attach files dynamically to the email in a script using email.attach("filename")


Email and attachments

e = Email()

e.load(“template name”) # ← adds any attachments from the email template

e.attach(“filename”) #← also add this file dynamically in the script

Using HTML messages

Email templates are sent as HTML if they contain "<html>" and "</html> Tags.

  • To add a line, you must use <BR> or include <p>my text</p> around each line.

  • If copying your existing text email templates, make sure you add <BR> wherever a new line is required.

  • To add a logo to the email message, use a hyperlink with an image source file to include a link to a logo saved on your website or another accessible site.


Insert an image / logo example

<p><a title="Orchid Systems Events" href=""><img src="" alt="Orchid Website" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="d728cc57-5309-4c73-8aa8-5d2bdc7bed25" /></a></p>
  • Orchid module doesn't include an HTML Editor, so we suggest you use an online editor (e.g. then paste the HTML code into the Extender Email editor.