Install EFT Web Screens


Sage 300 Version

Web screens for EFT Processing are only available if you are running Sage 300 version 2021 and above.

EFT Processing Subscription License

Requirement! Web Screens for EFT Processing are only available if you have a subscription license for EFT Processing.

Check your existing codes on the EFT License screen. If you have a subscription code, you can view the expiry date. EFT Processing License Screen

Tip: Contact your Sage 300 business partner if you have a perpetual licence and want to run the web screens. They can organise a switch to a subscription licence.

Install Latest PU for Sage 300 System Manager

The web screens require the latest Sage 300 System Manager updates, as they include changes to the web SDK required for EFT Processing web screens.

Web Screens Installation

Web screens for Orchid modules rely on Extender for ease of deployment and maintenance. To run the EFT Processing web screens, you need to install and activate Extender, even if you don't have a license for Extender.

Key Steps to install

  • Install Latest EFT Processing update

  • Install Extender latest product update (PU9.00 and above)

  • Activate Extender in all companies where you want to use the web screens


No serial number / license required if the customer has not purchased Extender. ADMIN only has access to the Extender Options and License screens.

If the customer has a license for Extender (Configurator, Developer or Runtime, Perpetual or Subscription), web screens are enabled.

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