Using RMA with Project and Job Costing

Refer to Sage 300 Project and Job Costing documentation for details on Project Setup.

Note: RMA Document and selected customer invoice must both be job related or not at all

Entering RMA - Job related Tab

Select the Job Related option if this order applies to a project that you are managing using Sage 300 Project and Job Costing.

When you select the option, additional fields appear in the detail-entry grid to let you enter job-related information for each item.

You can also choose:

Retainage accounting, if you invoice the customer for most of the order up-front, and then invoice the remainder of the order after a hold-back period.

Project invoicing, if all of the billing for this order will be handled by the Project and Job Costing module.

Note: The Retainage option is not available if you choose the project invoicing option because all invoicing (which includes determining retainage amounts) will be handled by PJC.

Creating documents for job-related RMA details

Job-related RMA details can either be placed onto an Order Entry Credit Note or a Purchase Order Return, but not on both. Therefore, an RMA detail line that has been credited cannot be placed on P/O Return. Conversely, a detail line that has been placed on a P/O Return cannot be placed on an O/E Credit Note.

This is due to automated processing of stock and costs by Project and Job Costing when either a P/O Return or an O/E Credit Note is generated. To allow RMA details to be both credited and returned would result in a duplication of cost and quantity for the project in PJC.