Import Return Materials Authorization

Use this command to transfer (import) data from non-Sage 300 programs to Return Material Authorizations.

  • If you currently have a computerized Return Material Authorizations system, you may be able to use Return Material Authorizations' import utilities to transfer records directly into Return Material Authorizations.

  • If you are transferring Return Material Authorizations from another Return Material Authorizations database, you can export them from the other database, edit them in a spreadsheet or other program to change codes, amounts, and other information, then import them into the new Return Material Authorizations system you are setting up.

To import data, follow these general steps

  1. Create the file you want to import. You can create an import file template by exporting a few records of the type you want to import.

  2. Open the appropriate window for the type of data you want to import. For example, to import Return Material Authorizations, open the Return Material Authorizations Entry window.

  3. Choose the Import command from the File menu.

  4. Specify the file name and file type in the form that appears next.

If you previously created a template for importing, choose the Load Template button.

  1. Choose the fields that you are importing. (You can save your choices as a template for the next time you import records.)