Schedule I/M Report Runner

You can use Process Scheduler Level 1 to run sCrystal report that have been set up in Information Manager - Report Runner.

Requirement! Information Manager Report Runner needs to be activated and configured.

Choose the Action "Run Information Manager Report".

 When started, this action will check if any user has scheduled a Crystal Report set up in Information Manager - Report Runner to run on or before the current date/time - and if so, will run the report.


There is no way to select only a group of reports with Report Runner Analytical Reports. If you want to run some reports at a certain time and not other reports, you need to set up different schedules in Report Runner.

Note: The steps below need to be done in Sage 300 Administration Services and in Information Manager. Refer to Information Manager documentation for details.

Step 1: Initial Setup:

In Administrative Services in Customization Directories – add a Customization Directory

Add User: use * for ALL Users

Company ID: Select The Company Code from the list provided

Customization Directory:

Then in Information Manager Setup > Options > Report Runner Tab

Refer to Configure Report Runner Tab in I/M Setup / Options

Note: If this is not setup, or are not the same, the Report Runner will not be able to save the report in the customization directory.

Step 2: .  Create the report(s) in Information Manager - Report Runner Designer. Refer to Information Manager - Report Runner help for details.

Refer to Print or Schedule a Report Runner Report (I/M Analytical Reports / Report Runner)