Using Inter-Entity Transactions

Once Inter-Entity is setup, users don’t enter transactions as such. Every time a batch is posted in the General Ledger, Inter-Entity will generate the balancing entries automatically provided that the Use Inter-Entity Option is selected (refer to Inter-Entity Options Setup).

When G/L triggers are configured for re-allocation, Inter-Entity Transactions creates additional transactions in G/L, A/R or A/P automatically when batches are posted.

Tip: Use the IY Audit reports to review the details of transactions created and investigate causes of errors in processing.

Note: At the time of creating entries in the target entity, Inter-Entity will use an additional Sage 300 License. Depending on how the “This workstation uses Integration Access Pack Licenses for external applications” is set up (see Help\IAP Users...), this will be either a Lanpak or an IAP Licence. Unless you have purchased additional IAP licences, it is recommend the "Use IAP" switch is turned off on all workstations.