Importing Notes

Information Manager - Notes supports imports from CSV file and Excel.

import from CSV file.

The file must have columns NOTETYPE, KEY, CATEGORY, TEXT, RTF.

Note: NOTETYPE and KEY are mandatory fields and can not be blank.

If the Note Type is set to “No” for allow multiple notes on same key, the import will allow you to insert new note or update existing note.

But if the option is set to “Yes”, then the import will only insert as new.

Import From Excel

Import from Excel file template is also available, the template is in the Sage 300 Program files \ EBXXA\NotesImport.xlsm.

Once the data is populated on Template worksheet, click on 'Insert I/M Notes into Sage ERP' on the Info worksheet.

Enter the details to login to Sage 300 to run the import macro.