Information Entry from Excel


Choose this icon to read values maintained in Information Manager into Excel and write the data back into Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel will start with an Excel EB Add-in to read the data, read the descriptions of the key fields entered and write the data back to Sage 300 Information Manager.


In Excel you will have the EB menu and EB Toolbar


The EB menu has the following items


Which can be accessed from the EB Toolbar


To read information you click EB\Read Budget Info

To Write information you click EB\Write Budget Info

To use the wizard to assist in pasting a formula, you click EB\Formula Wizard

To get a list of codes from Sage 300 , you use EB\Pick Codes

To get a description (name) of a code, you use EB\Description Wizard

Explanation of the formulas :

Read / Write formula

When you click past, then all customer codes from 1100 to ZZMEM would be pasted into the currently active cell = shown by the box on the spreadsheet (E20)