Notes Type Form

When to Use

Use the Note Types form to classify notes into different types e.g. Administration, Sales, Items, etc. Each Note Type can have a default Category (colour).

Detailed Fields

  • Allow Multiple notes for Same Key If you require one note per key (for example customer), then set “Allow multiple notes for same key” to No. If however you require multiple notes (per date / user etc), then set “Allow multiple notes for same key” to Yes. 
  • You can define the default Note Category for each Note Type. IE the Note will be displayed with the associated Colour with the Category, unless overwritten on a note by note basis.  

Next Steps


Tip: Remember to use different Note types for different master files that could share the same ID / key value. (e.g. Vendor Notes vs Customer Notes). If you use the same note type for a Vendor Note and a Customer Note, the vendor note for vendor ID 1200 will show when looking at the customer ID 1200.