EFT Web Screens

Requirement! Web Screens for EFT Processing are only available if you have a subscription license for EFT Processing and are running Sage 300 version 2021 and above.

Note: EFT Processing web screens rely on the Sage 300 web screens being installed and configured.

Watch video EFT Web Screens launch

Available screens

With the September 2021 release, the following screens are available in the web screens:

EFT Setup

  • Options

  • Banks

  • Customers

  • Vendors

  • E-mail Messages

EFT Transactions

  • Create EFT File

EFT Transaction Reports

  • Transfer Details

  • Transfer Created

  • Print Advices

  • Audit Log

  • Receipt Batch Audit Report

  • Update Invoice Due Date Audit Report

EFT Periodic Processing:

  • Delete inactive records

EFT Setup Reports

  • Banks

  • Customers

  • Vendors